Illustration is functional and successful as a communicative medium in many ways. It serves as an illustrative form of storytelling, is able to illustrate complicated relationships in company hierarchies, contributes significantly to the overall appearance of the medium on which it was published and is able to present information in an informative and educational manner. The aim of this thesis was to investigate how different illustration styles affect the viewer and whether one can identify one or more particularly knowledge-strengthening and interest-awakening illustration styles in connection with perception theories. This thesis subsequently explores whether this style, which works best in theory, is also visually most appealing to the target group. Accordingly, a contemporary illustrated digital book was created for young people aged 13-17, which is aimed at male, but predominantly at female and non-binary people and deals with empowerment, feminism, relationships and other target group-relevant topics.
Part of Master Thesis
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Solo Work
Illustration, Graphic Design, UI